Layla 7 years

Gent (Belgium) 1 Januari 2008

YES....I can do it ....I can do it.....I can do it........

6 Januari, Brussels airport, and back to Indonesia .... back to good life.

And ......mam and dad bought me a dog, his name is Russel,

brother of Jack

yes, MY new dog

This is Hanne, she is a speech therapist. She will stay with me for 3 months, and will help me how to talk.

helping in the garden..whaaaaahhhhhhhhh

the gardeners, Wati, Hanne and me

this is fun......look at Russel!!!!

my friends... and my best friend gives me a sweet kiss..

Hanne and me

my best best boyfriend Ryan

at waterboom park Solo

having a bath in the garden


my uncle Otto bought me a drum....




hi hi hi, I am a bionic girl (Auditory Brainstem Implant)


It was a great year, you are now a big angel....